Choice Tulsa Update

While a fence might not appear to be something to be excited about, the fence surrounding Riverview Park Apartments represents the progress taking place within the Choice Neighborhoods Implementation (CNI) plan that will transform the Eugene Field neighborhood.

Resident relocation for the Phase I portion of the CNI plan is now complete, with a total of 69 families relocating. Of those relocated families:

  • The majority utilized Tenant Protection Vouchers, allowing them to move to any residence in Tulsa that accepts housing vouchers
  • Several moved into alternate Tulsa Housing Authority properties
  • The remainder chose to make other arrangements, including moving out of state, moving in with family and friends or moving into market-rate housing

In keeping with the CNI framework, these families will have the first right to return when the units in Phase I are available for leasing.

“Going into relocation I was unsure how tenants would respond to having to relocate, but I was pleasantly surprised that it seemed like nearly everyone was excited about being able to chose a new place to live,” said Stephanie Reisdorph, relocation coordinator. “Tenants were also very grateful that we assisted with property tours, deposits and moving costs.”

Plans are being finalized to bring a fresh, affordable grocery story and greenhouse to the area as part of the Critical Community Improvements portion of CNI.

Renovation and reprogramming of West Tulsa Park is also planned. Oktoberfest will remain at Riverwest Festival Park and continue to use West Tulsa Park for parking in 2019 and will relocate parking from West Tulsa Park the following year as CNI construction begins in earnest on Phase I.

The Housing Authority of the City of Tulsa (THA) and McCormack Baron and Salazar, Inc. (MBS) have mutually agreed to terminate their work together on the RiverWest/Eugene Field Choice Neighborhoods Initiative. Both THA and MBS believe that this decision is the best path forward for THA to support its mission and agency-wide redevelopment goals.

MBS fully supports the successful implementation of the RiverWest/Eugene Field Choice Neighborhoods Initiative and remains available to THA to assist through the transition. THA remains committed to continuing its work on the Choice Neighborhoods Initiative in the Eugene Field community.

THA is working towards completion of Phase I as scheduled and is looking to finalize next steps to ensure successful completion of the remaining phases.

“It’s exciting to see plans taking shape that will change not just the physical landscape of this area of our city but also the landscape of opportunity for its residents,” said Aaron Darden, THA president & CEO. “We’re grateful for the commitment of our partners to see this plan through and ultimately create a better Tulsa by transforming lives and communities.”